Patrick Nicolle’s The Hundred Years War

Posted on April 30, 2010


Here’s an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOUR by one of the great masters of illustration Patrick Nicolle (15/11/1907 – 30/10/1995).

Patrick Nicolle was one of many artists that contributed to the magazine Look and Learn & was well known for his historic illustrations.

This small Original Watercolour appeared in print form in the magazine ” Look and Learn ” dated 3 July 1971 for an article about “The Hundred Years War”. 

This superb Original depicts the bitter struggle fought between French & British soldiers at the Battle of Blanchetaque in 1346.

Patrick Nicolle’s stunning mastery of colour and composition can be seen here in this Superb Original Painting.

A wonderful piece of Original Art.

Size Board (image): 7 x 4 inches (18cm x 10 ½ cm).

This Original Watercolour Board is in excellent condition.

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