Western Gunfighters: A Marvel Special

Posted on May 5, 2010


Western Gunfighters – A Marvel Special was pubished in 1980.

It’s a brillant issue, very well scripted & with fine contributions by great masters of illustrations.

It features among others the following stories:
–  There He is! Here Comes The Outcast! – scripted by Steve Parkhouse & illustrated by Barry Windsor Smith;
When The Rawhide Kid Turned Outlaw! -llustrated by Jack Kirby (pencils) & Dick Ayers (inker);
– Wyatt Earp in Men Without Faces – illustrated by Dick Ayers
Tales of Fort Rango – illustrated by Syd Shores
The Trip-Snorter and The Coward – both stories scripted by Stan Lee & illustrated Al Willamson

– photo-features of the then new movies: Cactus Jack and Tom Horn
– period photographs of John Wayne/ Clint Eastwood

& more.

Front Cover: a superb previously unpublished artwork by the great artist Frank Bellamy.

Back Cover: Kirk Douglass, Ann-Margaret & Arnold Schwartzenegger in Cactus Jack.

Issue is in very good condition – minor scuffing,  minor creases,  slight yellowing edges pages, tight binding & clean staples, INTERNAL pages COMPLETE & UNMARKED.

50 pages.

8 ¼ x 11 inches (21cm x 28cm) – Soft Cover – Black & White.

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