Jesus Blasco’s Fairies in “Teddy Bear”

Posted on May 6, 2010


This is an ORIGINAL SIGNED JESUS BLASCO WATERCOLOUR which appeared 14 February 1970 in print form for an illustration in a fairy tale book for children (Bumper Fairy Story Book & My favourite Fairy Stories Teddy Bear).

Blasco’s stunning mastery of colour can be seen here in these Superb Painting.

Wonderfully detailed by this virtuoso of fairy tale illustrations.

JESUS MONTERDE BLASCO (1919-1995): Born in Barcelona, Jesus Blasco started drawing for Spanish comics while still in his teens.  He has worked in practically every genre: Historical, Western, Detective & Fairy Tales.

A truly wonderful piece of Original Art.

Size board (image): 9 x 12 inches (23cm x 30cm).

The Watercolour Board is in excellent condition with its original fresh & bright colours (see images).

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