Fellini Sognato

Posted on May 15, 2010


Fellini Sognato is Edited by Vincenzo Mollica – Published 2002 by Edizioni Di.

Contains Adult Material.

A magnificent Hardcover paying tribute to the great Italian film director Federico Fellini (1920 – 1993) – with over hundred pages in Full Colour and Black & White of Fellini inspired artwork by many great artists.

Filled with paintings/ drawings/ caricatures & strip stories.

So many great artists from around the world contributed to this truly superb volume: Roberto Benigni/ Milo Manara/ Jean Giraud Moebius/ Hugo Pratt/ Tanino Liberatore/ Guido Crepax/ Bob Kane / Charles M Schultz/ Vittorio Giardino/ Franco Bruna/ Walter Molino & many others.

Printed on quality paper.

108 pages – Hardcover – Full Colour & Black & White – 8 ½ x 11 inches (22cm x 29cm).

As New.

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