Ron Embleton’s Great Fire of London

Posted on May 20, 2010


These are 3 magnificent Original Watercolour boards by the great & inimitable artist RON EMBLETON depicting various scenes from the Great Fire of London that swept through the central parts of London from Sunday, 2 September to Wednesday, 5 September 1666.

Ron Embleton did the Original Artwork for “The Great Fire of London” which was published in various issues of the magazine Look and Learn in 1966.

The Original Watercolours appeared in ”Look and Learn” dated 17 September 1966.

Panel 1 depicts the fire attacking the Royal Exchange Galleries. Panel 2 depicts the fire on its way to St. Paul’s Cathedral which is on the background of the image. Panel 3 depicts smouldering London after the Fire stopped blazing.

The images in the  article from the magazine Look & Learn were Black & White.

RON EMBLETON’S stunning mastery of colour and composition can be seen here in these Superb Original Paintings.

Marvellous pieces of Original Art.

Size panels (actual painting):
1) 5 x 5 inches (13cm x 13cm)
2) 9 x 6 inches (23 cm x 15cm)
3) 11 x 6 inches (29cm x 16cm)

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