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Ron Embleton’s The Tinder Box (I)

June 30, 2010


This is an ORIGINAL RON EMBLETON’S WATERCOLOUR from ” The TINDER BOX ”. Ron Embleton did the Original Artwork for the serial ”The Tinder Box” which was published in various issues of ”Once Upon a Time” magazine in 1970. This Original Watercolour appeared in print form on page 2 in the magazine ”Once Upon a Time” […]

The Gene Colan Treasury

June 29, 2010


Here’s The Gene Colan Treasury. This is the OUT OF PRINT first printing published 1996 by Aardwolf. With salutations by Stan Lee. A truly wonderful selection of incredible B/W artwork, drawings, sketches, strips by the brilliant artist Gene Colan. Some of the artwork in this treasury has never before been published. A brilliant illustrated interview, […]

Jeff Hawke: Overlord HC

June 28, 2010


Here’s Jeff Hawke: Overlord by Sydney Jordan (artist) & Willie Patterson (scriptwriter). This first edition Hard Cover with Dust Jacket was published February 2008 by Titan Books. Signed on the title page by the fine artist Sydney Jordan. This very well produced Hard Cover features the following 4 Jeff Hawke stories: – Overlord – Survival […]

Glamour International Magazine #1

June 27, 2010


This is a rather scarce Glamour International  Magazine # 1. It was published 1980 by Club Anni Trenta as a limited edition for Comics Art Collectors. This first issue features: – Connie by Frank Godwin – Dixie Dugan by John H Striebel – a selection of sexy girls drawn by R Patterson – Modest Maidens by […]

Clive Uptton’s King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria

June 26, 2010


Here are two ORIGINAL WATERCOLOURS by one of the great masters of illustration: CLIVE UPTTON. Clive Uptton was one of many artists that contributed to the magazine Look and Learn & was well known for his historic (especially Bible) illustrations. These Original Watercolours appeared in print form in the magazine ”Look and Learn” dated 11 […]

Comics Land #0

June 25, 2010


COMICS LAND Magazine # 0 was published in 1981. It”s a rather scarce but very well produced fanzine of the 80’s featuring well-known artists. This magazine features a lavishly illustrated interview with one of the great Masters of Illustrations: Ron Embleton. A superb selection of Ron’s work (Wicked Wanda/ Wulf the Britton/ Johnny Frog & more) and B/W […]

Bemusing Magazine #9-10

June 24, 2010


Here are 2 early rather scarce 1976 Bemusing Magazines (later abbreviated to BEM): # 9 May 1976 & # 10 August 1976, published by Martin Lock. Great lavishly illustrated fanzines, cramped full of comic news (UK & American comics), with brilliant reviews, many interesting & informal features & columns, latest comic news, conventions, artwork, underground […]


June 23, 2010


LION is THE COMPLETE LION COMIC INDEX by Steve Holland & Gary Armitage, a CJ Publication (printed on private presses in limited quantities & mainly on demand). A lavishly illustrated (Black & White) index of the Lion Comic with a complete listing of all the strips, articles, stories, together with artists, scriptwriters etc. which appeared in this […]


June 22, 2010


VEGA is a 1975 Calendar issued by the World Health Organization. A stunning publication filled with sketches/ drawings & caricatures. Over 50 great artists from around the world contributed to this magnificent publication which had as its theme PEACE & each artist was allocated a full page. Various colours of paper were used in this publication. The […]

U.K. Comic Art Convention 1986 Portfolio

June 21, 2010


This is a marvellous Portfolio published on the occasion of the first U.K. Comic Art Convention held in1986 in London. There are 12 loose prints full of stunning, often humorous Black & White sketches by many well-known comic artists of that period: Alan Moore, Hunt Emerson, Bryan Talbot, Brian Bolland, Cam Kennedy, John Bolton, Glen Fabry, […]

Meanwhile #1-4

June 20, 2010


Here are all 4 very scarce issues of Meanwhile, published by Mandarin Comics in 1983/ 1984 featuring some incredible Black & White art by Dave McKean. Issues 1 to 4 covers of course the magnificent story of Josef by McKean but other great artists also contributed to these magnificent issues: Neil Jones, Neil Cowan & […]

Classics Illustrated Complete Collectors Companion

June 19, 2010


The Classics Illustrated Complete Collectors Companion was compiled by Bryon Whitworth, being a CJ Publication published in 2003 (printed on private presses in limited quantities & only on demand). This is a complete listing of all American and British editions of the Classics Illustrated issues, together with illustrations (in B/W) of all the front covers, original cover […]