Posted on June 22, 2010


VEGA is a 1975 Calendar issued by the World Health Organization.

A stunning publication filled with sketches/ drawings & caricatures.

Over 50 great artists from around the world contributed to this magnificent publication which had as its theme PEACE & each artist was allocated a full page.

Various colours of paper were used in this publication.

The artists:

Spain: Victor de la Fuente, Carlos & Emilio Freixas, Jesus & Alejandro Blasco, Serlock Lopez, Chiqui, Esteban Marot, Cruz Delgado, Adolfo Buyilla, Julio Ribera, Alfonso Figueras & Penarroya

France: L. Cance, Fred, Cabrero Arnal & Yordi Buxade

Portugal: Jayme Cortez

Italy: Cavandoli, Gianni De Luca & Rino Albertarelli

Swizerland: Cosey & Derib

Belgium: Hergé, M Tacq, F Walthery, R Leloup

Yugoslavia: Jules Radilovic

USA: Burne Hogarth, Bill Gallo, Gordon Bess, Alfred Andriola, Ted Shearer, John Pierotti, Morrie Turner, Jim Ruth, Don Trachte, Charles M Schultz, Will Eisner, Frank Fogarty, Dick Hodgins, Bruce Stark, Milton Caniff, Joe Musial, Joe Oriolo, Mort Walker, Bill Holman, Henk Ketchan, Bill Kresse, Howard Post & Joe Dennet

Brazil: Mauricio de Sousa

Columbia: Carlos Garzón

Chile: Marcelo Bustos, Diego Oyarzun

56 pages – Soft cover – Full Colour & Black & White – 9 x 13 inches (24cm x 23cm) – Spiral bound.

Item is in excellent condition with minor creases.

Internal pages clean & unmarked.

Tiny tears top cover right at the beginning & end of the first & last spiral ring.

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