Posted on June 23, 2010


LION is THE COMPLETE LION COMIC INDEX by Steve Holland & Gary Armitage, a CJ Publication (printed on private presses in limited quantities & mainly on demand).

A lavishly illustrated (Black & White) index of the Lion Comic with a complete listing of all the strips, articles, stories, together with artists, scriptwriters etc. which appeared in this Comic since its debut in 1952 & its demise in 1974 (merged with Valiant).

An illustrated excellent introduction to this comic complements this superb piece of work by the authors.

Most characters are illustrated together with details of story titles, issue numbers and dates.

This brilliant volume is divided into following sections (all lavishly illustrated):
– Picture stories
– Text Stories
– Cartoon Strips
– Features
& has a special section dedicated to the Champion Comic.

An essential collector’s reference book for all Lion Comic enthusiasts.

Highly recommended.

(This brilliant & well-researched volume merits in my opinion a colour edition – Publisher/ authors kindly take note should you read this)

162 pages – Soft Cover with Dust Jacket – Black & white – 6″ x 8″ (15cm x 21cm).

New unread copy with minor creases top edges middle pages but as these small creases are at the edges they do not affect text.

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