U.K. Comicdom #0

Posted on July 9, 2010


Here’s U.K. Comicdom No. 0. The first edition was published May 1970 by Unicorn (Phil Clarke). This was a special rather scarce introductory issue to promote future issues of this fanzine. Unfortunately no further issues of this nice fanzine were published up to now.

This issue features reprints of the following stories drawn by the great artist Frank Frazetta:
– White Indian (Sleep of Death)
– Thunda (Gods of the Jungle) &
– John Wayne (The Weeping Walloper).

These strips were reprinted from British comics in the Mid 1950s & as Phil Clarke rightly pointed out in his short introduction: at that time a petty censorship was carried out & words like kill & damn were taboo; the words were either altered or caused gaps in the text balloons.

Many of the White Indian stories were set during the American Independence War so wherever the word BRITISH appeared, this was altered to ENEMY.

The front cover is by Mike Higgs.

Excellent condition: no tears, tight binding, all pages complete, clean & unmarked. Some dust marks covers. Some creases at edges top of a few pages (not affecting images). A fine copy.

A gem of a collector’s item for the Frazetta & comic history fans.

24 pages including covers – Black & White – 6 ½ x 8 inches (16 ½cm x 20 ½cm)

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