Captain George presents Frank Frazetta Special #38 & 39

Posted on July 19, 2010


Here’s CAPTAIN GEORGE PRESENTS Frank Frazetta Special # 38 & 39, published 1970 by Memory Lane.

A double issue with reprints of Frank Frazetta’s Barney Rooster, Looie Lazybones, Kathy, Hucky Duck, Dan Brand & Tipi, Heroic True Life Story & more.

Captain George Henderson lived comics & had the great foresight that comics would become a collectible item. He published many reprints of works by great artists. Though the publications were printed on low quality paper & unstapled we can only respect a man that put his money where his mouth was & through these publications introduced so many people to the wonderful world of comics & their great artists.

The item is in excellent condition – Some very minor tears at edges of some pages (mainly caused by the paper cutter) & some minor creases – Usual yellowing around edges which is inherent in the paper used – Internal pages are clean & unmarked.

8 ½ x 10  ½ inches (21 x 27 cm) – Black & white – soft cover – 64 pages with covers.

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