Topper Tales: A Complete Index

Posted on October 15, 2010


The TOPPER TALES is a COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED INDEX by Ray Moore (CJ Publication, 1992), printed on private presses in limited quantities & mainly on demand.

It’s a lavishly illustrated (Black & White) index/guide of the history of THE TOPPER COMIC from its first appearance in February 1953 till its merger with the BEEZER Comic in September 1990.

It has a complete listing of all the strips, free gifts, articles, stories, the artists and the scriptwriters which appeared in this Comic.

Most characters are illustrated with details of story titles, issue numbers and publication dates.

Also included are full details of the Annuals, Specials, Pocket Libraries and details of other publications that contained the TOPPER characters.

A special section features a fully detailed listing (contents) of all the BERYL THE PERIL Annuals with their original appearance in the Topper Comic.

310 pages – Soft Cover with Dust Jacket – Black & white – 6 x 8 inches (15cm x 21cm).

As New.

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