Valiant Complete Index

Posted on October 27, 2010


VALIANT COMPLETE INDEX is AN ILLUSTRATED (B/W) GUIDE by Steve Holland (CJ Publication, published 1994) with an introduction by Ray Moore (printed on private presses in limited quantities & mainly on demand).

This is a lavishly illustrated (Black & White) complete index/guide of THE VALIANT COMIC from its beginning in October 1962 until its demise in October 1976 (in 1974 the Lion Comic merged with Valiant).

An excellent illustrated introduction to this comic followed by a full listing of all the strips, articles, stories, etc. to appear in this comic, together with artists, scriptwriters.

Most characters are illustrated together with details of story titles, issue numbers and dates.

This brilliant volume is divided into following sections (all lavishly illustrated):
Picture stories
Text Story
Cartoon Strips
 & has a special section dedicated to the Vulcan Comic (Mytek the Mighty/ The Spider/ Saber, King of the Jungle / Steel Claw/ Kelly’s Eye/ Robot Archie / The House of Dolman/ Raven on the Wing/ Billy’s Boots)
& of course The Rise & Fall of the Trigan Empire.

A superb piece of work by Steve Holland, an essential collector’s reference book.

136 pages – Soft Cover with Dust Jacket – Black & white – 6 x 8 inches (15cm x 21cm).

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