Rode Spijkers

Posted on November 2, 2010


This is the Deluxe Limited Edition (1000 copies) Hardcover Volume of the Dutch book “Rode Spijkers” or Red Nails,  illustrated by Barry Windsor Smith.

The superb art is reproduced in black and white in its entirety.

The book also includes articles in Dutch on Robert E Howard, Conan and Cimmeria profusely illustrated in colour and black and white by Barry Windsor Smith.

Though the book is in the Dutch language the art is universal & speaks for itself.

Printed on high quality paper.

10 inches x 14 inches (25cms x 35cms) – Hardcover – 88 pages.

Gems of collector’s item for the fans of this great artist.


Plus a limited Edition print by Barry Windsor Smith & signed & numbered by this great artist.

The print was issued in 2008 to promote the Dutch Deluxe Edition of the book “Red Nails” with artwork by Barry Windsor Smith.

The print is limited to only 50 copies & this copy is signed & numbered 42/50.

The print depicts Conan from “The Lurker from the Catacombs”.

Printed on quality paper.

Print is as new.

Size print: 9 x 13 inches (24cm x 33cm).

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