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J Holdaway Modesty Blaise 1755

December 21, 2010


This is an ORIGINAL MODESTY BLAISE strip, with Pen & Ink by the great master of illustration, the brilliant & inimitable JIM HOLDAWAY. & Signed by the artist. This superb Piece of Original Art is from the Modesty Blaise strip ”RED GRYPHON” (by Peter O’Donnell) & is numbered 1755. The daily strips ”Red Gryphon” appeared […]

Kenneth Lilly’s watercolour

December 20, 2010


Here’s an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOUR by one of the greatest Wildlife artists Kenneth (Norman) Lilly (1929-1996) who contributed many illustrations and covers to Look and Learn, Treasure, Once Upon A Time & TV Wonderland. This great artist was especially noted for his studies of birds, although he turned his brush to most forms of wildlife. As […]

Memoirs of Earl MacPherson

December 19, 2010


Here’s Memoirs of Earl MacPherson: The King of Pin-Up Art by Earl MacPherson & Merylene Schneider. It’s the First edition published 1991 by Stabur Press. For Mature Readers. A magnificent volume featuring the memoirs of the artist Earl MacPherson, who was a great Master of Pin-Up Art and well known as the creator of the […]

Milo Manara’s Marlene Dietrich

December 18, 2010


Here’s A LIMITED EDITION HIGH QUALITY LITHOGRAPH PRINT of the actress and singer Marlene Dietrich, by the great artist & inimitable master of erotica Milo Manara.   This print is numbered 127/210 & is signed (initialled) by the artist.  This print is part of the Milo Manara Pin Up Movie Star Series 2004. Size print: […]

Jesus Blasco’s watercolour (II)

December 17, 2010


Here’s an ORIGINAL SIGNED JESUS BLASCO WATERCOLOUR which appeared 3 August 1968 in print form for an illustration in a fairy tale book for children (Bumper Fairy Story Book & My favourite Stories Teddy Bear). Blasco’s stunning mastery of colour can be seen here in these Superb Painting. Wonderfully detailed by this virtuoso of fairy […]

Ron Embleton’s The Secret of the Trolls

December 16, 2010


Here’s an ORIGINAL RON EMBLETON’S WATERCOLOUR from ”The SECRET of the TROLLS”. Ron Embleton did the Original Artwork for the serial  ”The Secret of the Trolls” which was published in various issues of the magazine ”Once Upon a Time” in 1970 & in ”My Best Book of Fairy Tales”.  This Original Watercolour at auction appeared […]

Reg Smythe’s Andy Capp (Z95)

December 15, 2010


This is a UNIQUE ORIGINAL ART SIGNED ANDY CAPP strip (this strip is the only one in the world!!!). This ANDY CAPP’s ORIGINAL ART was Penned, Inked  & Signed by the brilliant Reg Smythe, one of the great masters of cartoons. Reg Smythe (1917 – 1998): Born in Hartlepool, the son of a boat builder. He […]

Hugo Pratt’s Fable de Venise Portfolio

December 14, 2010


Here’s a magnificent & rather scarce portfolio of six (6) Full Colour posters ”Fable de Venise (Fable of Venice)” by the great & gifted artist Hugo Pratt, published 1997 by Casterman. Out of print. Size prints (posters): 16 ½ x 12 inches (42cm x 30cm). The posters come in their own carton folder. Item is brand […]

Hugo Pratt’s Fable of Venice

December 13, 2010


Here’s Fable of Venice – Corto Maltese with Art/ text by the great artist Hugo Pratt. It’s the First English Edition published by N(antier) B(eall) M(inoustchine) in 1990. Another fantastic Corto Maltese adventure volume set in Venice. Corto Maltese searches for a legendary emerald but mysticism, the occult, Freemasonry and even the first stirrings of […]

Pat Wright’s Modesty Blaise (4893)

December 12, 2010


Here’s an ORIGINAL MODESTY BLAISE strip by the gifted artist Pat Wright (Pen & Ink). This Piece of Original Art is from the Modesty Blaise strip ” BRETHERN of BLAISE” (by Peter O’Donnell) & is numbered 4893.  The daily strips ” Brethern of Blaise” appeared in the London Evening Standard: 7 January 1980 – 23 […]

Aliens: Earth War HC

December 11, 2010


This is Aliens – Volume 3: EARTH WAR with Script by Mark Verheiden and Art by Sam Kieth. It’s the FIRST EDITION LEATHERETTE HARDBACK published July 1991 by Dark Horse Comics. This SIGNED & NUMBERED FIRST EDITION is signed on a special book plate by Mark Verheiden & SAM KIETH. This Edition is LIMITED to just […]

Ron Embleton’s The Siblings

December 10, 2010


Here’s an ORIGINAL RON EMBLETON’S WATERCOLOUR ” The Siblings ” ca 1970. The story was about a brother & sister who on their travels met some rather unusual people. RON EMBLETON’S stunning mastery of colour and composition can be seen here in this Superb Original Painting. Glorious & Vibrant colours. Size image: 6 ½ x […]

David Wright’s Carol Day (2796)

December 9, 2010


This is an UNIQUE ORIGINAL CAROL DAY strip, with Penned & Inked ART by the brilliant but under-rated great master of illustration DAVID WRIGHT. The strip Carol Day ran for over 10 years from 1956 to 1967, in the London newspaper The Daily Mail and garnered a fanatical following, appearing in 22 countries. The ‘Carol Day’ […]

The Illustration Collector #41: A Sharp Eye For The Ridiculous – The Artwork of Ronald Searle

December 8, 2010


Here’s A Sharp Eye For The Ridiculous – The Artwork of Ronald Searle –The Illustration Collector # 41 Winter 2000- 2001, Published by Illustration House. OUT OF PRINT. It’s a collection of 42 magnificent illustrations by  the brilliant English artist & cartoonist Ronald (William Fordham) Searle (best known as the creator of St. Trinian’s School). The […]

Fantasy Advertiser International Special #7

December 7, 2010


Here’s Fantasy Advertiser International Special No. 7, published in June 1973 by Dez Skinn. Fantasy Advertiser was a great illustrated fanzine, cramped full of advertisements of UK & USA comics for sale from mainly UK comic dealers – lots of wants lists – many interesting & informal features & columns – latest comic news/ conventions/ interviews & […]

True Brit

December 6, 2010


Here’s TRUE BRIT – A Celebration of 21 of the Great Comic Book Artists of the United Kingdom, First printing & Published by TwoMorrows in July 2004. Edited by George Khoury. OUT OF PRINT. It’s an absolutely magnificent Volume/ compendium that indeed celebrates & salutes 21 great British Comic Book Artists who have so much contributed […]

Jesus Blasco’s watercolour

December 5, 2010


Here’s a Stunning ORIGINAL SIGNED JESUS BLASCO WATERCOLOUR dated 1975. Blasco’s stunning mastery of colour can be seen here in these Superb Painting. Detailed  & telling by this virtuoso of fairy tale illustrations. The guard is asleep &  the hero of this story is trying to escape from his captivity, treading very cautiously in order not […]

Orpheus #1

December 4, 2010


This is ORPEUS # 1, published in 1971, an excellent but short lived fanzine (formerly ASPECT) edited by Steve Moore and Steve Parkhouse. It’s a rather SCARCE BRITISH FANZINE with brilliant illustrated articles/ interviews/ sketches / drawings/ strips & period photographs. This issue features: – The strip story Thong by Steve Parkhouse; – An illustrated interview with […]

Virginio Livraghi’s Brer Rabbit

December 3, 2010


This is an Original Watercolour board 1970 by the great artist VIRGINIO LIVRAGHI & SIGNED BY THE ARTIST. Virginio Livraghi was an Italian comic strip artist and illustrator who worked for the British nursery comics Playhour and Once Upon a Time. He illustrated Alice in Wonderland, Curly the Pig & of course Brer Rabbit. Livraghi provided […]

Milo Manara’s Marilyn Monroe

December 2, 2010


Here’s a truly stunning limited edition high quality print depicting MARILYN MONROE by the great artist Milo Manara & signed (initialled) & numbered by Milo Manara. This signed print is numbered 185/200.  The print is ideal for framing.  Size print: 11 x 15 inches (29cm x 38cm).  Excellent (as new) condition.