Virginio Livraghi’s Brer Rabbit

Posted on December 3, 2010


This is an Original Watercolour board 1970 by the great artist VIRGINIO LIVRAGHI & SIGNED BY THE ARTIST.

Virginio Livraghi was an Italian comic strip artist and illustrator who worked for the British nursery comics Playhour and Once Upon a Time.

He illustrated Alice in Wonderland, Curly the Pig & of course Brer Rabbit.

Livraghi provided the illustration of Brer Rabbit in various issues of the magazine Once Upon a Time to accompany the written text adventures by the brilliant Barbara Hayes about the cunning Brer Rabbit who manages to outwit all the other animals (well, most of the times).

Virginio Livraghi’s stunning mastery of colour & composition can be seen here in these Superb Painting. A marvellous piece of Original Art.

The Watercolour Board is excellent condition with its original fresh & bright colours (see images).

The white borders makes the painting ideal for framing (the image above is just an example when board mounted & framed).

For further information about this great artist & examples of his work please visit

Size board: 12 x 7 inches (31cm x 17 ½ cm).

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