Pat Wright’s Modesty Blaise (4813)

Posted on May 24, 2011


Here’s an ORIGINAL MODESTY BLAISE strip by the gifted artist Pat Wright (Pen & Ink).

This Piece of Original Art is from the Modesty Blaise strip ” EVE and ADAM” (by Peter O’Donnell) & is numbered 4813.  The daily strips ” Eve and Adam” appeared in the London Evening Standard: 4 January 1981 – 23 May 1980 (strips 4738 – 4837. John Burns drew strips 4738 – 4767A & Pat Wright drew strips 4768 – 4837).

A brilliant example of an Original Pat Wright’s strip with our sexy heroine Modesty Blaise in action & Willie Garvin.

Regarding the  text balloons, with Pat Wright’s boards the art work was first painted on the board & then removable text balloons were added, so that when one removes the balloons the complete art work is visible as is the case with the text balloon overlapping panel 1 & 2.

Size board (image): 18 ½ x 5 ½ inches (47cm x 14 cm) .

Original Pen & Ink Board.

Board is in Excellent Condition.

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