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Fantasy Advertiser International Special #7

December 7, 2010


Here’s Fantasy Advertiser International Special No. 7, published in June 1973 by Dez Skinn. Fantasy Advertiser was a great illustrated fanzine, cramped full of advertisements of UK & USA comics for sale from mainly UK comic dealers – lots of wants lists – many interesting & informal features & columns – latest comic news/ conventions/ interviews & […]

Orpheus #1

December 4, 2010


This is ORPEUS # 1, published in 1971, an excellent but short lived fanzine (formerly ASPECT) edited by Steve Moore and Steve Parkhouse. It’s a rather SCARCE BRITISH FANZINE with brilliant illustrated articles/ interviews/ sketches / drawings/ strips & period photographs. This issue features: – The strip story Thong by Steve Parkhouse; – An illustrated interview with […]

Captain George presents Frank Frazetta Special #38 & 39

July 19, 2010


Here’s CAPTAIN GEORGE PRESENTS Frank Frazetta Special # 38 & 39, published 1970 by Memory Lane. A double issue with reprints of Frank Frazetta’s Barney Rooster, Looie Lazybones, Kathy, Hucky Duck, Dan Brand & Tipi, Heroic True Life Story & more. Captain George Henderson lived comics & had the great foresight that comics would become […]

The (More) Magic of Frank Frazetta

July 18, 2010


The (MORE) MAGIC OF FRANK FRAZETTA it’s undated (1970s). A rather scarce fanzine/ pirated edition with a collection of 27 superb Full Page black & white drawings/ sketches by the great artist Frank Frazetta. 1 drawing per page (sheet) with the other side of page (sheet) blank. The item is in excellent condition –with some […]

Fanfare #2

July 12, 2010


Fanfare # 2 was published at Winter 1978. It’s an excellent high quality fanzine (formerly Graphic Story Magazine) dedicated to popular culture & all the arts (comics /music/ films & more) . Brilliant articles & interviews which are lavishly illustrated with sketches/ drawings/ art & period photographs. Here are the contents of this issue: This issue features […]

Kaleidoscope Vol. 2 No. 1

July 10, 2010


Kaleidoscope Volume 2 No. 1 was published in 1965, the editors being Don Shay & Ray Cabana Jr. It was a great US fanzine. This issue features: – An extensive illustrated article on the Sean Connery James Bond 007 films up to the then-latest one “Thunderball” – “Farewell Little Master of the Universe” featuring the career of […]

U.K. Comicdom #0

July 9, 2010


Here’s U.K. Comicdom No. 0. The first edition was published May 1970 by Unicorn (Phil Clarke). This was a special rather scarce introductory issue to promote future issues of this fanzine. Unfortunately no further issues of this nice fanzine were published up to now. This issue features reprints of the following stories drawn by the […]

Comics Land #0

June 25, 2010


COMICS LAND Magazine # 0 was published in 1981. It”s a rather scarce but very well produced fanzine of the 80’s featuring well-known artists. This magazine features a lavishly illustrated interview with one of the great Masters of Illustrations: Ron Embleton. A superb selection of Ron’s work (Wicked Wanda/ Wulf the Britton/ Johnny Frog & more) and B/W […]

Bemusing Magazine #9-10

June 24, 2010


Here are 2 early rather scarce 1976 Bemusing Magazines (later abbreviated to BEM): # 9 May 1976 & # 10 August 1976, published by Martin Lock. Great lavishly illustrated fanzines, cramped full of comic news (UK & American comics), with brilliant reviews, many interesting & informal features & columns, latest comic news, conventions, artwork, underground […]

The Comic Journal #19

May 13, 2010


Here’s The Comic Journal No 19, published 1989. It’s an illustrated (Black & White) British comic fanzine printed on private presses & issued by subscription only. This volume contains following illustrated articles: – “Q” Squadron goes to War by Colin Morgan – a series that appeared in the comic THE HOTSPUR – An introduction to […]

Magical Moments & Memories #10

May 12, 2010


Magical Moments & Memories – Issue No. 10 (Disneyana Enthusiasts Club) – Published Winter 1995 – Christmas issue. A magnificent high quality fanzine covering about almost everything for a Disneyana fan, from collecting to all kind of information in relation to the world of Disney. Published by subscription only & edited by the marvellous & […]

Eagle Times vol. 7 – #1-4

May 11, 2010


It’s a set of 4 Eagle Times magazines published 1994 by The Eagle Society: Volume 7 No 1 to No 4 – A complete annual set published (Spring / Summer / Autumn & Winter 1994 – Even Eagle Times printers can make an error: front cover No 2 printed as Vol. 7 No 3 whereas […]

The Comic Book Marketplace #9

May 8, 2010


This is the scarce COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE (FIRST SERIES) # 9, published January 1992. A Universe of Comic Books and Collectibles. A very early & scarce edition from the first series of this very well produced & collectable magazine, with its usual brilliant & illustrated articles. CONTENTS: – “Adventures into Weird Words” – “Making a Hit […]